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Prestige Car Finance

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What is prestige car finance?

Prestige car finance is a term used to describe a specialist form of car finance that is focussed on the funding of high value cars, prestige car marques, classic cars and sports cars.

The UK car finance market can be said to be split between a generic, automated, mass market solution that is suitable for 90% of car purchases, and a separate niche market that exists to support typically high net worth individuals, discerning buyers and successful businesses that require a far more tailored engagement around their vehicle purchase and funding needs.

Typically prestige car finance transactions begin at a net amount of funding required of around £50,000 and with the only limit being the clients demands and needs. Multi-million pound funding is absolutely available to clients who are of suitable standing.

Prestige Car Finance

Prestige Car Finance can be secured on all premium brands including:

  • Aston Martin Finance
  • BMW Finance
  • Ferrari Finance
  • Lamborghini Finance
  • Mercedes Finance
  • Porsche Finance
  • Roll-Royce Finance

In addition to these brands it is also possible to finance classic cars and sport cars that are required by enthusiasts, collectors or investors.

Aside from purchasing, it is also possible to release equity from high value vehicles that are already owned with prestige car refinance. This can be a very effective way of accessing cash quickly by HNW clients and entrepreneurs who may need cash for many other purchases.

Prestige Car Finance Customers

Customers for prestige car finance tend come from the following groups:

  • Private Individuals looking to finance cars they will use themselves (often high net worth individuals, successful business owners, company directors, sports people and celebrities)
  • Wealthy Non-UK citizens who reside in the UK but often don’t fit into some lenders criteria
  • Limited Companies looking to fund vehicles to be used by the business owners, company directors or other senior staff.
  • Investors/Collectors – can be individuals or companies that are looking to acquire vehicles to collect or for investment purposes

Whichever category you are in, we understand that you demand the best levels of service, fair pricing and expert guidance throughout the process

Types of Prestige Car Finance we offer

In the mass car market vehicle contract hire and leasing is widespread. It provides for a fixed monthly cost but is quite restrictive with mileage conditions and fixed term contracts that, in our experience, doesn’t provide the flexibility that most prestige car finance clients are looking for.

Our brokerage does not exist to service the mass car finance market – it is simply not our client base. We have chosen instead to focus our service on the high end car finance sector and the discerning needs of these clients, and for these reasons we don’t offer car leasing or contract hire solutions within our brokerage.

Instead we focus on the products that deliver the outcome most of our clients are looking for:

  • They want to choose their own vehicle from their own supplier.
  • They want to buy used as well as new cars.
  • They want to negotiate their own price with their supplier.
  • They want the flexibility to pay lump sums or settle early without excessive penalties.
  • They want a finance deal that can be structure to meet their monthly budget.
  • And importantly, they want to OWN the vehicle, rather than lease it, benefitting from any future sales proceeds

To provide this solution we offer the following options:

Fixed Rate Hire Purchase – a traditional HP facility with fixed equal payments throughout the term of the agreement. Full title to the vehicle passes to the client when the loan is paid off. The client can settle in full at any time

Variable Rate Hire Purchase – as above but with variable interest rate options available from some providers.

Hire Purchase with Balloon – as above, however instead of equal monthly payments throughout the agreement a lump sum “balloon” payment is deferred until the end of the agreement. This balloon is typically set at an amount just below the expected future value of the car at the end of the finance period. This allows for initial monthly payments to be greatly reduced, and provides the flexibility for the client to either part exchange the car, clearing the balloon balance, or refinancing the balloon payment over an extended period if the client wishes to keep the car.

Sale & HP Back / Refinance – any of the above products can be used here, however instead of buying a car, the client already owns the vehicle and sells it to the finance company. The client is paid by the finance company, allowing them to release capital from their car however they wish. The client retains full possession and use of the vehicle, however title passes to the finance company for the period of finance. In every other respect the finance agreement works in the same way as those outlined above.

Why choose MacManus Finance for Prestige Car Finance?

At higher levels of funding, and indeed for many vehicles in the sector, a more thorough approach to securing the best funding terms available is needed. No automated system could exist to allow for the uniqueness of this type of lending as the client, the vehicle and the finance deal structure sought are infinitely variable.

It is for this reason that HNW individuals or business owners seeking prestige car finance should take the time to work with a specialist prestige car finance brokerage, who understands how to best package a transaction, can guide on deal structure, understands the marketplace and importantly has access to the best and most suitable finance providers for any given clients unique circumstances.

Clients are also advised to engage the service of a skilled independent brokerage who are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers trade association.

Membership of both requires that brokerages demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and submit to consistent monitoring of activities, providing the clients with confidence in the firm they have chosen to work with.

MacManus Asset Finance are one such firm – directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, full members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, and with a customer base of almost 300 UK businesses whom we have supported for over 15 years.

This credibility combined with an extensive panel of prestige car finance providers, including some of the best priced, and most flexible lenders in the marketplace provides a winning combination.

How to apply for Prestige Car Finance with MacManus Finance

We make your prestige car finance journey as simple as possible.

From your first call, email or completed webform we will act as your trusted partner, understanding your objectives and putting together options for you to consider.

We may need to ask you some general business questions and ask for some financial information from you in order to carefully prepare your personalised quotation from our funding panel.

Once you have reviewed your no obligation quotations and are happy to proceed we will prepare your application and liaise with the lenders to secure the funding you need.

Once agreed we will notify you and then liaise with your car supplier to request invoices and to prepare your finance agreement for signing.

From here we ensure everything is finally packaged and presented to the finance company who will activate your agreement and pay your supplier, allowing you to enjoy your new car.

To begin please call 01443 800621, email or complete the webform above.