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Finance for the Manufacturing Industry.

Are you in the market to purchase new or used manufacturing machinery and want the best manufacturing machinery finance deal around?

Manufacturing machinery finance is a means of acquiring new and used manufacturing machinery and equipment via a variety of finance facilities, including hire purchase, leasing and operating lease.

Many manufacturing firms make the mistake of negotiating hard to drive the best purchase price on their machinery purchase and lose the potential interest rate savings they could secure by getting their manufacturing machinery finance deal through MacManus Finance.

With access to a huge panel of the best priced, and most flexible finance houses, let MacManus Finance show you how we can design a bespoke finance package that will save you money and provide the flexibility you are looking for.

Dealer finance tends to be led by the suppliers in-house preferred option which does not assure the customer of access to the best finance prices available.

Our 60 funder panel provides us with access to these premium rates, and flexible underwiting, which our growing list of clients rate so highly.

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