Rhian MacManusDirector

Rhian is a Director at MacManus Asset Finance and joined in September 2015.

Rhian is responsible for the internal HR duties in the office, she ensures the employment process is managed which includes screening interviews, managing the induction process, ensuring appraisals are maintained, as well as managing the contracts and exit interviews.

The other area Rhian is skilled in is working in sales. Between September 2015 and September 2017 she was responsible for engaging with our prospective clients in our target markets to liaise with potential customers.

During this period Rhian progressed into working with the New Business Executives through monitoring and reviewing the sales performance of the office sales team. She ensures all communications with all customers and prospective clients are maintained to a high standard to ensure continual growth of our client base.

Rhian has recently completed the ILM level 5 in Leadership and Management which has enabled her to use these new found skills in the office environment.  This includes broadening her skills and knowledge of practical management styles and building good understandings across areas like, implementing successful change, looking at and understanding our policies and procedures,, budgets, meetings, managing people, performance and information etc. By analyzing these areas this will assist with her occupational competences.