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We were honoured to assist an Agricultural Company with an asset refinance to release cash flow back into the company.

Being a new customer we were delighted they entrusted us to find them a good deal with competitive rates.

MacManus Finance will make the process as simple as we can, we will look at your requirements, identify which lender would be more suited to your circumstances and secure the best deal promptly. Once secured, our client can then continue with business as normal knowing funding is in place.

One advantage of refinancing is that you don’t need to own the assets outright, because lenders will base their offer on the equity you currently hold. We specialise in all industries and will always look for what is best for you and your business. Please call us on 01443 800621 if you need to refinance to boost cash into your business, purchase more assets or set up more projects we are here to help.

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