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A Courier Company was approached at the right time earlier this year. MacManus Finance engaged in conversation with the director in regards to funding requirements, this then developed into the provision of business and tax loans to the firm.

Since that first conversation we have built up a good rapport with the director, and since assisted them with 2 more finance deals providing funding to support their cash flow needs using our range of commercial lenders.

The team at MacManus are flawless, with regular updates and excellent communication with our clients, we will always work quickly to obtain the best deal for your business, and with our quick turnaround, the client can then carry on with business as usual.

With arrangements in place, this enabled our client to continue providing their high level of service to their client base. We provide an end to end smooth sailing application process ensuring the best deal is secured. We welcome all enquiries you may have in regards to all funding requirements so please call us on 01443 800621.

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