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A haulage company from Neath was approached at the right time in 2018. MacManus Finance engaged in conversation with the Director in regards to funding requirements, this then developed into the provision of business loans and tax loans to the firm.

MacManus Finance have now built up a really good rapport with the client, and since that first conversation we have since assisted the haulage company with a further seven finance deals providing crucial funding to support their cashflow.

The team at MacManus Finance reviewed a number of our lenders from a panel of 60, we worked quickly to obtain and achieve the acceptance required for their latest deal. Once we received the acceptance from our lenders, the client was then able to continue with the excellent service they provide for their customers.

We as a company pride ourselves in helping businesses in developing their business through providing financial support. We offer excellent customer service, are able to structure a package to meet your needs, and help your business go from strength-to-strength.

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