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A South Wales based Recycling Company was approached at the right time in 2018 in regards to reviewing their invoice finance facility.

They wanted our assistance in finding the right funder for their invoice finance needs, with a substantial amount of lenders specialising in this sector we were positive we could meet the demands of the clients needs and find them a solution to release cash flow back into the business.

We introduced them to a well known specialist lender who were able to provide the business with their funding requirements as they recognised the potential and future growth of the company. They were delighted we could assist in finding them the right invoice finance provider as it offered more freedom when it comes to arranging finances by converting their unpaid invoices into working capital and also easing cash flow pressures.

Invoice Finance is available for your business to improve cash flow instead of waiting the 30 – 90 days of your invoice payment, it allows you to receive a significant amount of cash that you are owed without waiting for your customers payments. Please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01443 800621 if you have any queries in regards to Invoice Finance, Asset Finance, Business or Tax Loans.

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