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A well known Hire and Sales Company based in South Wales approached MacManus Finance wanting assistance in securing finance for a brand new IT and CCTV package worth £19.5K following the opening of a new office.

This Company has been a returning client of ours since early 2017, obtaining and securing 6 finance deals and most recently securing their seventh. We have built up a strong rapport with this client ensuring they return to us for any finance funding they require, whether this be for tech equipment or machinery.

Getting a deal sealed with a quick turnaround is the top priority at MacManus Finance, which is why we use a large bank of lenders to ensure the client is given the best finance deal available that meets their requirements. With a quick turnaround time, it ensures the clients are not left waiting or any knock on effects happen to their business.

Our aim is to help the clients business in creating a solution which will help release cash flow back into the business, enabling them to continue providing their high level of service to their own clients while maintaining and boosting their working capital. Get in touch with us today and we can see how we can help you funding your business growth.

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