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We were honoured to be of assistance to release capital back into the business of a local engineering company based in South Wales.

Being a customer of ours since 2015, and having secured deals for them in the past we were delighted to be of assistance once again. Looking for a business loan for £65K , and aware of our knowledge in the finance sector they entrusted us to get the deal sealed with a quick turnaround with no issues and within budget.

The team at MacManus Finance approached a number of our lenders from a panel of 60, we worked quickly to obtain and achieve the acceptance required. Once we received the acceptance from our lenders, the client was then able to access the capital that was tied up in their business.

Our aim at MacManus Finance is to assist the client and their business, we will create a solution to your problems. We want to help you release cash flow back into your business while boosting your working capital. Get in contact with us today to see how we can help with all your funding requirements.

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