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A Recruitment Company based in Birmingham was approached at the right time earlier this year, just as their VAT bill arrived.

Having a substantial VAT bill to pay they did not want to leave themselves without any available cash for the day-to-day smooth running of their business, so it was our pleasure to assist them with finding the best deal. Having assessed their needs, liaised with the funders we were able to seal the deal with a quick turnaround. Knowing funding was in place they could continue to focus on their core business without any stress.

Cash flow is a crucial part of any business, controlling large expenditures while managing supplier overheads can be difficult at times. This is when a short term finance solution can help your cash flow and release working capital into your business.

VAT loans can make it easier for companies to manage their cash flow and avoid heavy fines from HMRC. If you would like to know more about our VAT loan product then we can help find the finance that is perfect for you. Please call 01443 800621 to discuss.

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