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We were honoured to be of assistance to a Real Estate Company who wished to purchase a Range Rover and required our help to find the best rate.

Based in Lancashire and being customers of ours for 4 years we had a great rapport with the director, and having sealed the best deal available for them they returned to us yet again to purchase a brand new Land Rover.

We spent time talking with the director to assess their situation, and advise on the best type of funding that suited their circumstances. We have a large panel of funders, therefore, we had many options to offer and eventually made the right decision by introducing the client to the right finance solution to enable them to purchase their new car.

Our ability to provide a quick and reliable service to our clients is the core of our business, and getting the right terms is the key to sealing the deal. We will always do our best to get the best affordable rates for you and your business whatever finance requirement you need assistance with. Please call 01443 800621 to discuss.

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