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A Telecommunications Company based in Cheshire was elated when we contacted them earlier this year in regards to their funding requirements, just when their VAT bill came through the door.

A client with whom we have built up a trusting relationship in a short time have now returned to us yet again to assist with another VAT loan to ease the cash flow pressure within the business.

Sometimes your VAT bill can be more than expected, and they arrive at a time when your really struggling and you realise your business do not have enough working capital put aside to pay for it, but they have to be paid to avoid late payment penalties to HMRC, and of course these can add to cash flow pressures within your business that you sometimes already have.

Tax bills are a part of running your business and it can be difficult if your capital is tied up in your company, and you may not be in a position to release capital from your business to pay your tax bill. To be sure of not getting late payment fees from HMRC get in touch today to see how we can help with providing a VAT loan. Please call 01443 800621 to discuss.

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