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A Recruitment Agency based in West Midlands was thrilled we could be of assistance when their VAT payment of £192K came through the door earlier this year.

Having been in conversation with them for some time we built up a trusting relationship with the director and we were more than happy to search for and find the right funding solution to meet their cash flow needs.

Even the most organised business can be suprised by their higher than normal VAT bill and the pressure can be severe to the company. Our VAT loans are proving very useful and extremely popular in all business sectors as it is a known fact that if you do not pay HMRC on time the fees can be hefty, therefore, to finance your VAT bill is a good option to avoid late payment penalties.

VAT bills are a part of running your business and it can be difficult if capital is tied up in your company, and you may not be in a position to release capital from your business to pay your tax bill. VAT loans can make it easier for companies to manage their cash flow and avoid the risk of hefty fines from HMRC so please contact us on 01443 800621 to discuss.

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